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Join our effort to 16 days campaign to fight VAW and raise UP YOUR VOICE for the prevention and elimination of the VAW violence against women in the world and in our country in this hard time we are. No matter the risk in front of us! We will SAY NO!
GAAR is non profit human rights organization which is youth led and initiatives mainly from females persons dedicated the protection and the promotion of the human rights in Somalia for the weak and vulnerable groups unheard their voice to up and head.

The organization is working the promotion of the human rights and gender right in the society through strengthening and education for the young girls education and the prevention of the VAW violence against women in Somalia

This year 2010 September we will make 16 days camps fight against the VAW and we also will celebrate the international year of the youth which is recognized to be 2010 by the UN and international youth organizations.

Somalia where we work is a war-torn country where there is no powerful function government and stability. Two decades of civil and religious fighting destroyed whole public infrastructures. There is no low enforcement and justice emplace there.

Girl education
In Somalia girls education enrolment is really very slow that is 12% this is big gape that needs to bridged. We GAAR encourage girls to attend school unfortunately there are problems preventing the girls to go schools.

The biggest problem is cultural orientation and ignorance from some of the parents who have no more idea about the important of the knowledge. The second problem is poverty that restricts the families to pay the fees of the schools particularly.

Some families send schools to boys only while girls are subjected to domestic heavy works and child laboring in the markets and public places. So we call all patents to let their children the attend schools equally boys and girls.

Educating girl is educating world

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